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New Facebook Features that Can Boost Your Business

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Business | Comments Off on New Facebook Features that Can Boost Your Business


Facebook constantly adds new features that are helpful for businesses and ideal for many website owners throughout the globe. Sure enough, Facebook is among the perfect social media sites to advertise and promote a brand, if not the best to date. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small organization or a booming successful big name, because Using Facebook for Business paves the way for you to reach the highest possible number of customers and potential clients you simply can’t do any other way. You can gain tons of views, likes and shares to a wide audience comprised of millions of users and people from all walks of life. Their enhancements are quite versatile in what each feature could actually provide your page, and do for your brand. One of them and among the most popular would be the Milestones.

What are Facebook Milestones and what exactly does it do?

Milestones allow a Facebook page to show off and display a significant event that has occurred on a certain location, a specific date, along with its very own story and matching photo. This aims to inform their followers or fans of something exciting about to happen, or a grand event that has already taken place. For instance, a page that represents a bakery can create a Facebook Milestone post for the day they sell their signature homemade #1,000th chocolate cake, or has reached a set number of visitors for the entire year. A business creates a more credible and trustworthy image with awards, achievements and praises highlighted on their page. A fresh, new blog can come up with a Milestone of reaching 100 likes and up. A celebrity fan-page can indicate a huge Milestone on the day their page gets their 1,000th visitor, and maybe their 500th Page Like. Their Facebook Milestone can present thankfulness, coupled with a glamorous photo and some kind, appreciative words to extend to all their fans.

Why Make Use of a Facebook Milestone Post? 

Regular posts can become monotonous, even boring for some. A Facebook Milestone post can break the ice, and make things more colorful, interesting and lively. Hence, it becomes more appealing and the likelihood of attracting more visitors increases. A Milestone gives off the impression that your site remains active with some cool things going on. Even just this little bit of information in the form of a single post can leave a big impression and a have a colossal impact on your audience. A Facebook Milestone post that conveys an eye-catching picture that comes with a short and sweet message will most likely be remembered most.

Setting Up Your First Milestone Post

You can gain all the awesome benefits with just a little time needed to invest when Using Facebook for Business, since it’s fairly easy to set up and incorporate a Milestone on your Page. Find the box where you typically create posts, add photos and videos, or update your status, then click on the Offer, Event+ option, then choose Milestone. Fill in the fields for the Title, Location, Story, which are optional by the way. Set the date, then upload or choose your photo, then save. Your Facebook Milestone Post is ready for your audience!

5 More New Business Facebook Features

1. Facebook Beacon
A handy device that is designed to be set at your local business to send information to nearby mobile users real time.

2. Option to See First
The See First option allows your audience to prioritize posts from their friends, groups, and liked pages. This makes your brand visible and keeps them in the loop with your business updates.

3. Track Conversion
Get more accurate stats at reliable speed with the Facebook upgrade on conversion tracking.

4. Manage Replies
Enabling the message button lets you save replies and standard messages which are typically put in as answers for frequently asked questions, making you time-efficient and able to respond quickly to customer concerns.

5. Messenger App Payments
In-app purchasing is made feasible with a debit card n file, whereby you can send and receive money with Facebook friends without a service charge.

Using Facebook for Business can substantially enhance your brand’s visibility towards reaching and connecting with existing and potential customers. It likewise aids marketers achieve a better business flow and implement effective marketing strategies. Stay on top of this social media site’s updates and it can greatly help you stay on top of competition. Check out the additional marketing strategies for business video below.

Before you use any of the above features, you must have a foundation with a simple business page to properly represent your business on this thriving social network. It’s simple but if you need help, ClimbSEO can help you set one up quickly. Contact them today and get your Facebook business page started.

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5 Steps to Building an Email List for Business

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 5 Steps to Building an Email List for Business

Any business that maintains an online presence has a golden opportunity to build a great email marketing list. A targeted and effective email list allows you to continually nurture prospects by availing vital information and offers to them with a view to turning them into a revenue producing conversion.

More than half of all small businesses today have adopted email marketing because it guarantees a very high return on investment compared to other tactics. It is also highly valued because it helps to retain clients as well as nurturing leads into real customers. Put differently, it works for every stage of the customer lifecycle: prospecting, lead nurturing and the last one, retention. More importantly, an email list helps to create an asset. It is actually more valuable than social media platforms because you are the owner of your email list. No one actually owns their social media accounts such as Facebook, because they can be pulled down at any time, and it happens! Here are helpful tips to building an email list for business.

Attract your audience with quality content

Before you even start building an email list, you need to focus all your efforts into creating useful content which will captivate visitors of your website. Great content and skillful engagement can help you convert clicks into real customers. If customers find helpful, strong and authoritative content on your website, they will look at your company and products in the same light.

Opt-in forms

Every company needs quality data from their target audience so as to market to them more effectively. To achieve this, it is important to know that less is always better. The less information you ask from your visitors, the higher the likelihood that they will submit the forms. As a start, ask only for their names and email address, and then work out ways of how you will build a closer relationship with them.

Direct mail

This is a longstanding tactic that has been effective for a very long time. Advertise email-signup in catalogs and directory ads, not forgetting direct-mail order forms. Ensure that bills, rebate cards and subscription renewals always have a checkbox and a field for entering an email address. When utilizing this method, make sure that you reach out to new subscribers soonest. This is because time will have elapsed by the time you receive their mailed forms, and it is vital to keep your brand fresh in their minds by continuing the dialog.

Provide an incentive to sign up

If you are not getting many subscriptions, it is very likely that people do not see any value in signing up for your list. What’s in it for the customers when they subscribe to your newsletter? Put yourself in their shoes, and see if you would do the same when presented with the chance to give your email address. Successful email marketers always provide customers with an inducement to sign up.

Be patient

Once you’ve done everything in the right way, relax and let your email list grow. It will take some time, but eventually everything will fall into place. Resist the temptation to be hurried because you could easily become discouraged, which would be quite unfortunate. Good things may take time, but they will eventually come to pass.

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The Rise of SnapChat For Engaging Your Audience

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Rise of SnapChat For Engaging Your Audience


Any business that wants to have a meaningful marketing campaign and effectively engage with its customer base must make use of social media. This is because social media marketing has provided a new platform for enterprises to receive feedback, address complaints and reach the target market using a small amount of resources. There are different social sites that businesses have been using for a while now such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is however an interesting trend that is hard to ignore; the rise of SnapChat for audience engagement. With this social media platform, a business can interact more with its customers and promote brand awareness using innovative marketing campaigns. So what are the reasons behind this growing trend?

Rapid growing number of users
SnapChat is obviously one of the fastest growing social media platforms with nearly 100 million active users per day. The demographic is also interesting because a majority of the users are between 18-34 years, a target market for a lot of enterprises. Companies are therefore finding it a more convenient tool to engage with this target marketing through strategic marketing campaigns. With over 400 million snaps uploaded on a daily basis, it occupies a very important place among social media marketing platforms.

Access to live events
Aside from Periscope, SnapChat is also ideal for broadcasting real time events. Corporations have found a way to make their customers identify more with their brands by providing access to live events like product launches, interviews with different line managers and a glimpse of some of the back-office processes and procedures. Through this strategy, consumers are likely to develop emotional attachment with brands and that works well in cementing loyalty and increasing sales. The new crop of consumers care about more than just purchasing available products. SnapChat has provided businesses with a platform to create brand loyalty through access to events and increased levels of engagement.


Ability to form partnerships with influencers
The impact of influencers in social media marketing campaigns cannot be wished away. Due to their high number of followers, they are able to drive a marketing campaign and generate more sales. There are a lot of popular users on SnapChat and many companies use them to promote products and enhance brand awareness.

Contests and promotions
Who doesn’t like giveaways? A lot of companies are now using SnapChat to run contests and promotions where customers get to win different things. It’s a great way to engage with the community while marketing products and services. A company can avail exclusive deals, promotions and interesting contests that will keep users of the platform coming back for more. This type of marketing strategy is very effective and is also very easy to track.

The use of live streaming in marketing campaigns has increasingly gained attention because of how effective it has become. SnapChat in particular has become a favorite for many enterprises. It has user-friendly functionality that promotes interaction between businesses and customers to a higher degree. Taking into account the ever changing business environment, it is an application that adapts perfectly to the new models of business.

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Google Uses Schema in Different Ways

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Google Uses Schema in Different Ways

Schema was introduced in the year 2011, offering a designed data markup facilitated by big search engines. The structured markup can be complicated one to execute and webmaster always does not consider the time to capitalize on the actual advantages. When Google works very hard to link the dots between entities online, in a try to practice to category and entity based queries. Google needs to categorize the web and state particular entity points. Schema is one method to create this occur. Schema is not just identified by one search engine, but it is a combination project between Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

Different types of content:
The popular search engines support schema markup that cannot essentially be said of other kinds of markup like microformats. It must be considered that Google and schema are collaborated and you can also include schema rather than other markup. This is the present standard. Therefore if you are planning to execute any type of structured data markup, pick schema. Presently schema offers you the ability to communicate huge quantity of information to popular search engines but not the markup makes improved search results. Components seen in a SERP listing which is not a Meta description. Google are consistently altering the method they interpret and present structured markup data like rich snippets. Google may show them for several kinds of contents like music, events, people, organizations, reviews, products, videos, software applications and more.

Additional method:
Make sure to verify out the total list of Google and schema are well supported. In most of the cases, the improved listing can raise CTR that can result to good rankings. Schema is similar to Facebook graph protocol. It serves its aim perfectly, but it does not offer the more information search engines require to enhance the users experience. A web page may contain several components and it may discuss on above one thing. Schema offers an extra method to give more information about specific entities on the page. It does viewed that Facebook is making best advantage of the open graph protocol. All is perfectly segmented. When Google and schema works to link entities and categorize them, you can speculate that the navigation will stick to the methodology.

Strong understanding:
Schema permits you to particularize one person. It let you to mention properties of that individual like date of birth, child of the individual, date of death, gender like. It is necessary to consider that schema markup can be included in any language. They presently offer the documentation for execution in English. Google mention that by including schema, search engines gain solid understanding of the content. Google utilize the schema to make rich snippets in certain cases and they also think to include lot of rich snippets. Therefore now the question will be how do you include schema marketup to the website? There is a useful guide to start this.

Nice role:
After you have included it to a page, ensure to check it with the help of structured data testing tool. You do not want to include this tool to all page and property, simply the ones which matter. Google will support past markups like microformats and RDF for the present content. Hence you do not want to alter immediately. Even though Google states it does not avail schema markup like a ranking aspect now, they mention that rich snippets can create the web page very important in search and thus result to big traffic. Therefore both schema and Google play in to each other. When it is good for the people who are using, then it is also good for the website. Additionally when voice search and other kinds of string oriented queries extend on the web schema can help in the link of the entities, concepts and categories.

When Google released the Schema, number of webmasters was dismayed to study that details types facilitated by other markup formats were not have the capacity with Schema. Google observed and today schema has an important role with data types featured and other methods. Schema kind hierarchy has lot of normally utilized item types. Most of it contains appropriate subtypes but the limit of the subtypes can differ. In certain cases you may need to include your item kinds to the markup to build a custom item type, include a slash of an present item type and get in to the new term.

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Internet marketing strategies for tight budget

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Business, Internet marketing, SEO | Comments Off on Internet marketing strategies for tight budget

Advertising is undoubtedly n important part of starting a business, because you want as many people as possible to hear about your company and what you have to offer. Nowadays, when everything is online, internet marketing is an important and a fast-growing area of advertising. Before you invest in marketing, you need to determine your target audience and create the ads so they fit the target group. In case you are on a tight budget for marketing, which is not uncommon when you are at the very beginning of starting a business, here are some of the online marketing strategies you can implement when you are on a tight budget.


Invest in SEO

In the online world, this is something that simply must not be omitted. SEO content will help you get ranked high on the search engine list, and it is something you need to invest in, in order to reach more visitors. There are SEO experts you can hire to create your content, and some of the SEO basics you can even master yourself and apply on the content of your website.


Social media

Social networks are an important aspect of online marketing, and not only that they cover a large part of Internet users, but it is also cheap or even completely free to use them for advertising. Create pages on the most popular social networks and fill them regularly with good content, promotions, and news about your business. You can also create Facebook ads, which allow you to determine target group and create an ad for as little as $5.


Guest blogging-This is a great way of promoting yours and your business’ name, and it requires no or very little financial investment. You can connect with bloggers who write for your target group and have lots of followers and participate as a guest writer on their blog. This way you will promote your business and reach plenty of new customers.

practise-english-onlineOnline contests – you can use social networks, blogs and your website to create online contests, where you will offer some of your products or services as a reward. You can also offer your products to already established and popular websites and pages, so they can give away some of your products to the winners. This way you will not only reach plenty of people, but you will also gain new customers.

YouTube instructional videos

Many new business owners create instructional YouTube videos related to the content they offer. This may require some time and skill at first, but if you create fun, relevant and helpful videos, you are very likely to reach many people and make them hear about you and your products.

E-books – just like creating YouTube videos, writing an e-book can also be a good way of promoting your business. For example, the book can address certain issues in the industry and offer the solutions for them, give various instructions and so on. If you are more prone to writing than filming, this is a good solution for you.

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