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          让您的2020年随着南德学院!从入门级到更高级别的课程,我们必须满足所有选择!不用担心,我们在这里支持你发现与 经济支持 如旅游,托儿和设备成本(按照您的人员的情况下)。


          Coins on a flat white surface.
          Animal science student weighing hedgehog.
          Art supplies on table.
          Lecturer working on mens hair for a demonstration to the students.
          Beauty therapy student.
          Childcare students in the classroom at 大学中心南德.
          Adult students conversing in a classroom.
          First aider putting bandage on person's h和.
          Adult students being taught in a classroom.
          Students preparing glassware for an event
          HR department employees shaking h和s.
          Performance management discussion in office.
          Silhouette of media student.
          Adult gel polish design course.
          Two students training in the gym.
          Adult students sitting at desks in a classroom.



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