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          Other than being local, the course 和 the college was able to provide me with everything I expected.

          When I was looking at places to study, I was extremely impressed with the instructors that the college had in this field. They had an exceptional track record so I immediately decided that I wanted to be educated 和 influenced by them.



          Everyone at the college was extremely friendly and couldn’t do more to help us achieve our end goal. I felt like the college, staff, 和 resources were massively invested in me as a student.

          The college and course also capitalises on the fact that they are based only a few miles from the sea, the moors 和 rivers, giving the college a unique advantage.



          I had decided that degree level education was as far as I wanted to go in my educational career and that it was time to work on my full time aspiration 和 career of being in the Royal Navy.

          I’m currently a helicopter engineer 和 winch-man in the Royal Navy but I get to do so much more thanks to the education I received.



          Achieving the career I wanted for me was an incredible moment 和 getting there along the way was special too.

          I would say use the opportunities around you as much as you can, gain as many qualifications along the way to make yourself as employable as you can be.

          Don’t let anything distract you from your end goal. No matter what you are doing, put in 100% 和 enjoy it.


          It’s important to take away from this that a degree doesn’t limit you one path to a career. A degree opens up thousands of opportunities and can change your life. Matt has proved that, digging deeper than just the name of a course to study an adventure sports degree that provided an array of skills 和 made himself more employable for the job he now has, working at the place he has always dreamed of.

          That could be you too. So, why not come along 和 see what 南德大学 has to offer? The next 开放活动 is on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. You can also get in touch by emailing [电子邮件保护] 或致电08000 380123。



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